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Groundhog Daylighting is a family owned and operated company located in Brantford, Ontario. We take great pride in what we do and the service we provide to our customers by offering professional, safe and cost effective solutions.

We only recruit employees who specialize in hydrovac services and who are also dedicated in delivering exceptional service to our valued customers. We ensure our employees are trained to conform to our safe work practices, documented procedures, safety hazards awareness and defensive driving.

Our goal is to provide every customer with a worry free excavation experience by safely locating and protecting any buried utilities on the job site such as water and sewer lines, gas, hydro, fibre optic and communications cables.

Our non-destructive hydro-excavation is essential to provide safe and efficient underground construction. Many local municipalities and cities are prohibiting excavation using potentially damaging machines and mandating hydrovac services. This protects public safety and prevents the high costs associated with repairing damaged lines not to mention the inconvenience of lost services.

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Ground Breaking Service

We requested a quote through the website for a job that required a quick turnaround time. Nick contacted us the same day and with a very fair price. He was also able to fit it in and schedule us for the next day. Meeting him and Dan onsite was a pleasure, they were both very professional and knowledgeable in hydrovac excavation. We will definitely use Groundhog again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Daylighting also known as Hydrovac excavation is a method of non-destructive digging which exposes buried infrastructure. We use a specialized truck equipped with high-pressured water to safely and precisely break up soil and simultaneously vacuum it up. The soil or slurry, is then vacuumed up into the truck-mounted debris tank. This method of excavation has quickly become the preferred method in urban areas with excessive infrastructure.

By using pressurized water to unearth the ground and reveal any infrastructure, the end result will be clean, fast and precise. It is the safest method with no risk of cutting through utility lines. It is also very powerful and is capable of cutting through many types of soil, including clay and frozen soil conditions.

Yes, it is comparable and can actually be even less on certain projects due to the time savings, precision and accuracy of the dig.

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